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If you’re looking for something off the wall and crazy, then you’ll love Beechtree News. This website is chocked full of some of the most bizarre, weird, and crazy news articles you’ll ever find. From stories about ghosts to accounts of people being possessed, there’s something on Beechtree News for everyone.

Bizarre News

Here are some of the weirdest, craziest and bizarre news stories you’ll find online!

1. A man in China has been arrested after allegedly trying to sell a baby boy on the black market.

2. A woman in the US has been charged with animal cruelty after she filmed herself setting her cat on fire.

3. A teenage girl in Australia has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that is believed to be caused by solar radiation.

4. A woman in the UK has been convicted of murdering her husband by setting him on fire.

5. An elderly couple in China were left stranded after their car ran out of fuel while they were driving through a forest.

Weird News

Beechtree News is your source for the best bizarre, weird and crazy news online. We cover everything from strange news stories to videos of bizarre animals. Whether you’re interested in funny animal videos or strange news stories, we have you covered. So check us out and enjoy the craziest news stories around!

Weird News Stories

1. Woman Claims She Was Attacked By A ‘Monster’ In Her Bedroom

According to reports, a woman in Missouri is claiming that she was attacked by a “monster” in her bedroom. The woman, who is unidentified, said that the creature came out of the closet and attacked her. She reportedly suffered injuries to her face and head and is currently being treated at a local hospital. Police have not yet released any information about the alleged attack.

2. Man Dies After Being Strangled By His Own Hair In His Home

According to reports, a man in Thailand died after he was strangled by his own hair in his home. Police say that the man had been arguing with his wife before he allegedly grabbed a hair cutter and strangled her with it. He then apparently tried to kill himself by drinking pesticide but survived long enough to be taken to hospital.

3. Teenager Claims She Was Abducted By Aliens And Taken To A ‘Spaceship’

According to reports, a teenager in Florida has claimed that she was abducted by aliens and taken to a “spaceship”. The 17-year-old

Crazy News

Including some of the best bizarre, weird and crazy news online. From madcap internet memes to outlandish conspiracy theories, these are the stories that won’t leave you dry-mouthed in disbelief.

1. Someone Photoshopped a Gun into a Photo of Justin Bieber

The Biebs might be more famous than ever, but his fans can’t help but poke fun at him – especially when it comes to his love life! And one meme in particular has taken off online, with people sharing doctored images of Justin with guns photoshopped into his pictures. Most notably, an image of the singer holding a gun in one hand and a scantily clad woman in the other has been shared thousands of times on social media. Needless to say, authorities are not amused – and Justin’s reps have already demanded that the photo be taken down!

2. Buzzed Driving? One Woman’s Crazy Road Trip Story

It might sound like something out of a movie, but this woman’s story is all too real – and it has everything from bar fights to car crashes to desperate attempts at hitchhiking! 43-year-old Shari Roan decided to take a road trip from her home in Tampa FL to Los Angeles CA – and her odyssey is one you won’t want to miss. From crazy road rage encounters to getting lost in the middle of nowhere, Shari’s story is sure to keep you entertained (and likely law-abiding) on your next trip!

3. Man Fights Off a Cougar With Only a Knife

Back in March of this year, 22-year-old Tyler Williams was out for a walk in the woods near his home in Virginia when he came across a cougar that was attacking a deer. Recognizing that he couldn’t fight the big cat off alone, Tyler grabbed his knife and began to fight back – eventually killing the animal with three stabs to its heart. Although the incident might seem like a thrilling adventure story, Tyler says it was anything but – and he’s now thanking his lucky stars that he wasn’t seriously injured during the altercation.

4. Woman Claims She’s Being Followed by Ghosts

Some people are just unlucky – and these unlucky souls might find themselves haunted by ghosts after allegedly doing something naughty in their past. For 24-year-old Katelyn Roman, this apparently includes being followed around by malevolent spirits who she claims are trying to kill her.


Beech tree News is a website that delivers the best bizarre, weird and crazy news stories from all over the internet. Whether you are looking for something to make you laugh or to learn something new, Beech tree News has got you covered. So be sure to bookmark this site and check back often as we always update our headlines with the latest and strangest stories.

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