How Sunriver Health Became The Best Chiropractic Company In The World

Sunriver Health is known for being one of the best chiropractic companies in the world. This is not something that they took lightly – it has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get to this point. In this article, we will explore the key strategies that Sunriver Health uses to achieve such success. From marketing to patient care, you will learn all about how Sunriver Health became one of the leading chiropractic providers in the world.

Sunriver Health’s History

Sunriver Health was founded in 1972 by Dr. Richardson and his wife, Pat. The couple wanted to create a clinic that offered the highest quality chiropractic care possible, and they had the perfect location—in the heart of Sunriver, Oregon.

From the beginning, Sunriver Health has been dedicated to providing superior care to its patients. The clinic has a reputation for being one of the best chiropractic companies in the world, thanks to its commitment to research and development, its innovative treatment methods, and its focus on customer service.

Today, Sunriver Health employs more than 670 people and offers services in nine locations across Oregon and Southwest Washington. The company continues to invest in its technology infrastructure and medical staff, ensuring that it can provide the best possible care for its patients.

How Sunriver Health Became The Best Chiropractic Company In The World

Sunriver Health is now considered the best chiropractic company in the world. This title was achieved through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to quality. Founder Dr. Jeff Granger and his team have always put patients first, never compromising on standards or services.

Dr. Granger founded Sunriver Health in 2000 after realising that chiropractic could offer a better solution for the everyday problems people face. The clinic was originally located in Oregon City but grew rapidly and moved to its current location in Bend in 2006. Today, Sunriver Health employs over 50 staff members and provides chiropractic services to patients from all over Central Oregon.

The clinic’s approach to care is unique, focusing on the whole person rather than just the symptoms they are experiencing. This allows Dr. Granger’s team to treat not only pain but also other issues such as anxiety, stress, and chronic pain disorders.

The clinic’s success is based on its dedication to quality care and customer service above all else. All of Sunriver Health’s staff members are licensed chiropractors who have passed rigorous training and certification programs. They are also required to participate in continuing education courses so that they can stay up-to-date on the latest developments in their field.

This attention to detail has allowed Sunriver Health to build an excellent reputation for itself among patients and health professionals alike. Patients appreciate the personal touch that Dr. Granger brings to every treatment session, while health professionals appreciate the clinics’ progressive

What Makes Sunriver Health The Best Chiropractic Company In The World?

Sunriver Health is the best chiropractic company in the world because of their compassionate staff, top-of-the-line technology, and commitment to excellence.

Their compassionate staff is one of the things that makes Sunriver Health so special. Their team members are always willing to go above and beyond to help patients feel better. They are also experts in their fields, which means that they can help you get relief from your pain even if you don’t know exactly what’s causing it.

Another thing that sets Sunriver Health apart from other chiropractors is their top-of-the-line technology. They use scanners and machines that are state of the art, so they can accurately diagnose your condition and provide you with the treatment that you need.

Lastly, Sunriver Health has a commitment to excellence that drives them to continually improve their services. They want to make sure that everyone who comes into their office feels like they’re getting the best possible care possible.

How to Choose the Right Chiropractor for You

If you are looking for a chiropractor in the Sunriver area, your search is over. Sunriver Health has become one of the best chiropractic companies in the world because we take a personalised approach to care. We believe that our patients should have direct access to their care team, so every patient can receive the individualised attention they need and deserve. Our team includes experienced doctors and therapists who have dedicated their lives to helping people improve their health.

To find out more about our chiropractic services, please visit our website or schedule an appointment with one of our experts today. You won’t be disappointed!

Adjusting Your Chiropractic Care After a Injury or Illness

If you are injured or have an illness, it is important to adjust your chiropractic care to ensure your optimum health. Sunriver Health is the best chiropractic company in the world because we take the time to get to know our patients and adjust their care based on their individual needs.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced doctors will work with you to restore your body’s balance and prevent further injury or illness. We understand that each person is unique, so we tailor our treatment plan specifically for you. We also offer a variety of massage therapies and nutritional supplements to help support your healing process.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable doctors!


Sunriver Health has been the best chiropractic company in the world for more than a decade, and we can attribute this success to our emphasis on patient education and quality care. We believe that chiropractic is a form of medicine that should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income or location. Our team focuses on providing comprehensive care, from diagnosis and treatment to education and wellness programs. If you’re looking for the best chiropractic experience possible, Sunriver Health is your place.

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