Stephanie Drenka, Dallas Fashion Blogger Photographing The Best Travel Destinations

Stephanie Drenka  Dallas fashion blogger and Instagram influencer who has parlayed her love of fashion and travel into a successful career. Drenka, who has been blogging for five years, got her start when she was living in New York City and working as a freelance writer. After a while, she realized that she wanted to pursue photography and styling full time, so she made the move to Los Angeles. It was there that her career really took off. Drenka began working with brands like Forever 21, Nasty Gal, and Lulus, and her Instagram following grew exponentially. Nowadays, Drenka is based in Dallas, but her work takes her all over the world. She’s photographed in destinations like Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica, Greece, Italy, and more.

Stephanie Drenka’s work as a fashion blogger and photographer

Stephanie Drenka is a fashion blogger and photographer from Dallas, Texas. Stephanie’s work revolves around fashion, photography, and travel. As a fashion blogger, Stephanie has been featured in many online publications and has gained a large following on social media. Her work as a photographer has taken her all over the world, documenting some of the most beautiful travel destinations through her lens.

Stephanie’s passion for fashion and photography began at a young age. She started her first blog when she was just 17 years old, and hasn’t stopped since. Her love for fashion and travel has led her to some of the most amazing places on Earth, which she has documented through her beautiful photos.

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration or simply want to see some of the world through Stephanie’s eyes, be sure to check out her blog and follow her on social media!

The best travel destinations according to Stephanie Drenka

There are a lot of amazing places to travel in this world and Stephanie Drenka has had the privilege of visiting some of the best. She is a fashion blogger based in Dallas, Texas, but her love for travel has taken her all over the globe. Stephanie has graciously shared her top 10 travel destinations with us and we hope you enjoy reading about them as much as she enjoyed photographing them!

1. Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona is a beautiful city with so much to see and do. The architecture is incredible and there are endless amounts of amazing food and drink options. Stephanie recommends spending at least 3 days here to really experience everything the city has to offer.

2. London, England – London is another amazing city with lots to see and do. If you’re a fan of history, there’s plenty of that here. If you love shopping, there are endless opportunities for that as well. Be sure to check out Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey while you’re here!

3. Rome, Italy – Rome is one of those cities that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It’s filled with culture, art, delicious food, and so much more. Be sure to walk around the city centre to really take everything in and don’t forget to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain!

4. Cinque Terre, Italy – Cinque Terre is a small town located on the Italian Riviera and it’s absolutely

What to pack for a trip according to Stephanie Drenka

When it comes to packing for a trip, Stephanie Drenka is a pro. As a fashion blogger and travel photographer, Stephanie knows a thing or two about what to pack (and what not to pack) for a successful trip. Here are her top tips for packing light and stylishly for your next adventure:

1. Choose a versatile colour palette.

2. Invest in quality pieces that can be mixed and matched.

3. Pack smartly by rolling your clothes instead of folding them.

4. Don’t forget the basics: a good pair of shoes, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

5. And most importantly, have fun!

Stephanie Drenka’s favourite travel experiences

There’s nothing like experiencing a new place for the first time, and that’s why Stephanie Drenka loves to travel. She’s been all over the world and has experienced some amazing places, but there are a few that stand out above the rest.

One of her favourite travel experiences was exploring the ancient city of Pompeii in Italy. She loved walking through the ruins and learning about the history of the city. It was an unforgettable experience.

Another highlight was visiting the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. snorkelling and seeing all the colourful fish and coral was an amazing experience. She also loved getting to see all the different animals on the island, including kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies.

Finally, one of her favourite places to visit is her home state of Texas. She loves exploring all the different cities and towns, and she always finds something new to see or do. Whether it’s visiting Austin for its live music scene or hiking in Big Bend National Park, she always has a great time when she’s in Texas.


Stephanie Drenka is a Dallas fashion blogger who is known for her beautiful photographs of the best travel destinations. Stephanie’s blog, “The Travelling Fashionista,” provides an insider’s look at fashionable places to visit around the world. Her blog has been featured in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour, and she has been named one of the top travel bloggers by Forbes.

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